How to enrol for the Italian Language Test for the EU Long Term Residence Permit.

How to enrol for the Italian Language Test for the EU Long Term Residence Permit

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How to enrol for the Italian Language Test for the EU Long Term Residence Permit.

test-computerFrom December 9th 2010, foreign nationals who apply for the EU Long Term Residence Permit must undergo an Italian Language Test.

By law, “the foreign national must possess a level of knowledge of the Italian Language that allows him/her to understand phrases and expressions frequently used in everyday situations, in other words a level that is equivalent to the A2 level standard approved by the Council of Europe for language learning across the Union.”

Foreign nationals who submit an application for an EU Long Term residence permit but have not yet passed the language test or been unjustifiably absent for the test, will have their application rejected. 

Upon application for the EU Long Term Residence Permit, it is therefore adviseable to have already passed the Italian language test. 

​How to apply?

The application to sit the test must be submitted online at the relevant local Prefecture's Office by registering on the Ministry for the Interior's website and completing the online form. 

Enrolment to sit the test can also be carried out at the Immigration Services office in Prato Comune or in any of the other local Institutions that are licensed to process enrolments. 

The application must contain: 

  • the applicant's personal details; 
  • details relating to the residence permit held, including type and expiry date; 
  • details of the document that are valid abroad; 
  • the address at wihch the foreign national wishes to receive the convocation with the exam details; 

When completing the online booking form, the foreign national must be in possession of a valid email address to which further communications will be sent. 

The applicant who completes and submits the form can access a registration help-desk service to highlight any eventual problems, by compiling the relevant online form.

The Prefecture's Office contacts the foreign national within 60 days from the application date, communicating the time and place where the applicant is required to sit the Italian language test.

How is the test carried out?

The test is carried out electronically. Upon request, the applicant can apply to do the test in written format.

The test can be carried out electronically or in written format. However, in all cases, the test content and the time allowed is the same, as is the test evaluation.

On the day of the test, the foreign national must have a valid identification document and the letter received confirming the test date and time.

Test Results

Positive and negative test results, are communicated to the foreign national by the Prefecture's Office which then proceeds to input the results in the records of the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration at the Ministry for the Interior, so that the Questura (Police Headquarters) can check the Italian Language level in order to then issue the EU Long Term Residence Permit.

If the applicant fails the test, he/she must re-submit the application to sit the test again, at his local Prefecture's office.

The new application must be submitted only after 90 days from the date when the foreign national first sat the test. 

When the applicant is absent on the date of the test 

In case of unjustified absence, the applicant can re-apply to sit the test only after 90 days from the date when he/she should have sat the original test. 

The only reason for which absence is justified is poor health. The applicant can submit a medical certificate to the Commission (the organisation responsible for the running of the tests, at the relevant CTP office) on the date set for the test. 

The medical certificate must be issued by a G.P or by a doctor in an ASL clinic. 

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