How to register at the registry office

How to register at the registry office

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How to register at the registry office

Registration at the registry office

Enrolment at the registry office helps the Mayor of a Comune to evaluate the population in the local area. 

This may be requested by an adult member of the family.

Anyone living in a community centre or a temporary accommodation centre, must present a declaration of residence signed by the person in charge of the centre.

Within 60 days of the renewal of the residence permit, the foreign national must re-confirm his current place of dwelling at the registry office, enclosing a copy of his/her new residence permit.

If this is not carried out, he/she is cancelled from the Comune's resident population list.

Removal from the Registry Records for reasons of untraceability

When a person is untraceable, a public body or authority, or an interested party can set in motion the procedure to have the person in question removed from Registry records for reasons of untraceability.

If a citizen wishes to cancel a person who is no longer resident, from their own address, or from their property, they must submit the application to the Registry Office, explaining the reason.

The procedure of untraceability takes about one year. After domestic inspections by the municipal police, the person is cancelled from the Comune's population list. 

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