How to change your residency details

How to change your residency details

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How to change your residency details

If you move house definitively, you must update your residency details. This can be done at the local registry office in the City/District Council (Comune) where you are going to live.

When do you need to change your residency details?

Reasons for changing residency: 

  • when you move from one address to another, remaining in the same municipal area (comune);
  • when you move to another municipal area (comune);
  • when you move to Italy from abroad.

Declaration needs to be carried out by a person over the age of 18 years. In cases whereby an entire family moves house, the declaration of one person over the age of 18 years is sufficient.

What documents are required?

Required documents:

  • a valid passport;
  • a residence permit (or the receipt for renewal of same)
  • Italian driver's license and/or vehicle registration details of any means of transport owned (car, motorbike...)
  • tax code
  • a copy of a document from the country of origin that has been translated into Italian and legalised by a diplomatic Italian authority, that states marital status and/or relations or other components of the family unit; 
  • the new address
  • consensus of person who holds the “family status” certificate, if the move is to another family unit


What happens next: 

After having registered the change of address, local authorities (vigili) will come to inspect the new housing arrangements.

When the local authorites come to inspect, you must show:

  • a valid form of identification;
documentation that shows legitimate occupancy (rental contract, free extended contract...)
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