Renewal of Customary Abode Declaration

Renewal of Customary Abode Declaration

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Renewal of Customary Abode Declaration

Non-EU Citizens who have renewed or updated their type of residence permit are obliged, within 60 days of the expiry date of said document, to present a declaration to the Registry Office, using the relevant form, to confirm that he/she still resides at the address they have registered.

Persons who have family members listed on his/her residence permit can also present a declaration on their behalf.

If a person does not renew his/her Customary Abode Declaration, after one year from the expiry of his/her residence permit, he/she will be removed from the local population registry records. 

Removal from registry records due to the failed renewal of the customary abode declaration, results in the loss of all rights that one has when registered, of which:

  • health care;
  • possibility to send children to a state school;
  • possibility to open a bank account;
  • possibility to purchase land or a property;
  • possibility to buy and register a vehicle;
  • possibility to apply for and obtain an Italian driver's license.

What documents are required

To renew the customary abode declaration, it is neccessary to bring:

  • the original, renewed or updated residence permit;
  • identity card or passport.
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