Clarification on the residency tax charge

Clarification on the residency tax charge

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Clarification on the residency tax charge

31.10.2016 - Payment of the contribution on the issuance/renewal of residence permit is currently suspended.

Through the verdict no. 6095 of 2016, The Regional Administrative Tribunal in Lazio declared that the charge applied to the issuing and renewal of residence permits for non-EU citizens is illegal. The European Court of Justice, to whom the Regional Administrative Tribunal had turned, defined the charge as "disproportionate" in a verdict on September 2nd 2015 and thus contrary to European Legislation.

On this page shall be published the law subsequent to the decision of the TAR in relation to definition of the contribution for the issuance and renewal of residence permit.

Update 31/10/2016

The Council of the State confirmed the TAR verdict about the residency tax cancellation (verdict n. 04487/2016, 26 October 2016).

The Interior Ministry, with the circulare letter n. 400/A/2016/12.214.5, has clarified: foreign people interested about the residence permit renewal or release don't have to pay the amount of the art. 5, comma 2 ter, TUI.

The circular letter added that "all the applications (applications in pre-trail stage or waiting for title deliver included) should be concluded without this tax charge."

While waiting for the new tax charge estabilishment, the release and the renewal, the residence permit costs 76,46 € (30,46 € for print, 30 € to pay at the post office at the moment of the application delivery and  16€ for the tax stamp).

From July 2016 young people under 14 can receive an indipendent residence title; also their applications must be integrated with 30,46€ paid through the specific assigned post office payment system PSE.

At the moment it's not possible to submit the refund applications. Formats for the refund applcations will be available at the Police Headquarter (Questura) only after the emission of the new verdict about the tax new amount.

Update 23/09/2016

The Council of State (with the Presidential Decree n. 03903/2016 of the 14th September 2016) has stopped the enforceability of the TAR verdict, setting the Council Chamber the 13th October 2016.

We are going to come back to the payment of the previous amount (from 80 to 200 €) for the residence permit issuing and renewal, at least until the 13th of October or until there will be new indications.

It is necessary to add the contribution not yet paid to the applications for the issuing or renewals submitted before the 14th of September at the Police Headquarters

Update 07/07/2016

The Questure have received instructions from the Ministry: they will continue to process applications without applying the charge. 

We are waiting to be updated in relation to the ministerial legislation that will establish the new charges for residence permits. 

Upate 29/06/2016

For the moment, the Ministry has not yet given any instructions to the Questure (Police Headquarters) 

We are waiting to be informed in relation to updated procedures and any new charges that will be in accordance with legislation. 




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