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Study and Research - Studies and Research carried out in Prato and Tuscany

The reports, produced by the Statistics Office in Prato Comune, provides information on the foreign national population, analysis of the movement of the 5 most numerous nationalities (Chinese, Albanian, Romanian, Pakistani and Moroccan).

This report was produced by the Immigration Observatory in the Prato Province. Its objective is to shed light on the immigration phenomenon in the area.

This research studies the social transformation ongoing in the Chinese community focusing on consumer trends and business detail. The research was published in October 2013.

Foreign National Immigration in Tuscany

Data analysis and report compilation carried out by: Massimiliano Faraoni (Simurg Ricerche) on behalf of the Rete degli Osservatori Sociali.
Data updated in April 2014.

This research, published in January 2014, demonstrates the characteristics of the Chinese community in Prato as well as the role of its economic activity.

The Foreign National Entrepreneur in the Province of Prato

Published by the Chamber of Commerce - 2016.

This report was produced by the provincial education observatory. It provides a framework on school populations, an analysis on the presence of foreign nationals and disabled students, the 2013 school results and data on early school leavers.

How many people are organised in providing Italian language and culture courses (L2) for foreign national citizens? What are the courses like? Who are the students and what strategies and positive/negative outcomes have emerged in the region?

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