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Unione Europea Ministero dell'Interno
European Fund for the Integration of non-EU immigrants
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Essential documents, relevant services and other essential information for immigrants working, living and studying in the 7 boroughs of the Province of Prato.

 The project



Servizio civile nazionale (page in italian): special call for the selection of 1,304 volunteers (also open to third-country nationals). Deadline: November 14, 2014.


Call for the "Sevizio Civile Regionale" of the Municipality of Prato (page in italian), for young people aged between 18 and 30 years: deadline on 28 October 2014.


Circular number 5923 - 10/10/2014 (in italian): regulation governing the "Accordo di Integrazione tra lo straniero e lo stato" ("Integration Agreement between the stranger and the State"). Additional operational guidelines.


The entry quotas 2014/2015 (link in italian) for immigrants athletes has been established.


The "Rapporto Italiani nel Mondo 2014" ("Report on Italians in the World 2014") of the Fondazione Migrantes has been published: 47 in-depth analysis carried out by 55 authors on italian emigration of today and of the past.


Guidelines on internships of foreigners living abroad: State and Regions have agreed requirements and procedures, including: duration (minimum 3, maximum 12 months), conditions for the eligibility of the training projects, new regional visa foreigner needs to have an entry visa for Italy.


Prato Health Board - Azienda Usl4: from October 1 2014 the self-certification on the prescription is no longer allowed. The code of the income bracket will already be present on the prescription.


Mediatori in bus (Mediators in the bus): CAP Autolinee (Bus Company of Prato), Caritas and the Province of Prato promote socio-cultural integration through the introduction of the mediator on the bus. 6 non-EU people, from Nigeria and the Maghreb, and 16 CAP verifiers are involved in the project.


Cap Autolinee (Bus Company of Prato) - The CAP Autolinee gives the possibility to buy a ticket for urban rides in Prato by SMS. Sending "PRATO" to 4850305, you will receive, in a few seconds, a message with the ticket, valid for 70 minutes. The cost of the ticket is € 1,40, to which is added the cost of the SMS, which changes depending on the telephone company.


Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, 10 July 2014, Case C-244/13: The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that a non-EU citizen spouse of an EU citizen, may acquire the right of permanent residence, after a continuous permanence in Italy for 5 years, even after the separation from these and the start of a cohabitation with a new partner.


EU Long Term Residence Permit: through the Circular number 400 of the 23rd of July 2014, the Ministry of Interior specifies that also the family members must have the requirement of 5 years of residency in Italy to apply for the EU Long Term Residence Permit.


Immigration Quota for Non-Seasonal Workers (link in italian): the closing date for the entry of foreign-trained workers and for the conversion of long-term residence permits of people from third-countries in subordinate and autonomous employment permits, is extended to December 31, 2014.


INPS has established new thresholds for family income support:  applications accepted from Italian and foreign national workers. 


Prato Comune - regional reimbursments of 50% on child care "asilo nido" payments: list of successful applicants for reimbursements for the 2013-2014 school year.

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