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Essential documents, relevant services and other essential information for immigrants working, living and studying in the 7 boroughs of the Province of Prato.

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New management of the electronic residence permit delivered by the Police Headquarters (Questura). Only by appointment and showing the sms about the convocation. Check the convocation list.


Municipality of Prato: Contributions for the prevention of evictions due to arrears 2016 (information in Italian) - The applications can be submitted until all of the funds have been spent. The eviction due to arrears happens when the rent is not paid after 30 days from the payment date.
It is required to be UE citizens or to reside in the house since at least one year owning a valid residence permit, to hold a legal rental contract for accommodation, have an ISEE value under 35000€ and not be the owner of real estates.
The contribution for inculpable arrears (up to 8000 €) can be required if one of the family members has been fired or she/he is with a redundancy pay, seriously ill or died, or the family has been modified (For example: divorce).
Help and information about the completion of the application at: Citizens assistance desk (Spac) of Servizio Sociale: call 0574 183444 for appointments from Monday to Friday from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


Support for active inclusion (SIA) - Support for Active Inclusion is an economic subsidy for families with financial difficulties. The application should be submitted to the local Comune office starting from the 2nd of September 2016 (without deadline). 


Family allowance and maternity benefit payments: non EU citizens who have a single work and residence permit or authorisation to work, can apply.

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