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Essential documents, relevant services and other essential information for immigrants working, living and studying in the 7 boroughs of the Province of Prato.

 The project



Italian Citizenship - from June 18 requests for Italian citizenship will be acquired exclusively by computer.


Strengthening of the vaccination plan against Meningitis: from April 27, 2015 free doses of tetravalent vaccine ACWY for boys and girls aged 11 to 20 years and ACWY tetravalent meningococcal vaccine available for the age group 21-45.


Prato's Azienda USL 4 (website in italian) - Since april 20, 2015, the Centro Diagnosi Prenatale/Prenatal Diagnosis Center moved to Centro Salute Donna (page in italian).


Publiacqua warns users to beware of scams (page in italian): pay attention to false charges of the control of invoices or other operations. Remember to always ask them to show the card and to report to the company and to the police any suspicious episodes.


Public Relations Office (URP) - The interpretation service in Chinese and Urdu active at the URP Multiente is suspended temporarily from 04/01/2015 to allow a reorganization. 


Integration Agreement for Foreign Nationals applying for residency - starting from today, March 10 2015, students enrolled in a university course are exempted from participating in the training sessions on civic education and tests for knowledge of civic culture and civic life in Italy (Circular of the Ministry of Interior n. 1326 of 3 March 2015)

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