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Unione Europea Ministero dell'Interno
European Fund for the Integration of non-EU immigrants
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Essential documents, relevant services and other essential information for immigrants working, living and studying in the 7 boroughs of the Province of Prato.

 The project



Immigration Quota for Non-Seasonal Workers (link in italian): the closing date for the entry of foreign-trained workers and for the conversion of long-term residence permits of people from third-countries in subordinate and autonomous employment permits, is extended to December 31, 2014.


Study and Research: A Handbook on European Legislation relating to asylum, borders and immigration has been published by the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights  (FRA).



INPS has established new thresholds for family income support:  applications accepted from Italian and foreign national workers. 


Prato Comune - regional reimbursments of 50% on child care "asilo nido" payments: list of successful applicants for reimbursements for the 2013-2014 school year.


Purchase Cards for EU and non-EU citizens: the card can be used for grocery shopping, to cover medical costs or to pay for gas and electricity bills. 


Authorisations (Nulla Osta) and Residence Permits: the legislative decree no. 40/2014 has established a 60 day limit for the issuing, renewal and conversion of residence permits and also for the issiung of authorisations for non-seasonal subordinate employment. 


2014 Immigration Quotas for Seasonal Workers:  from 9am on April 4th it is possible to complete the online application. 

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