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Tax code

The Health Card states the Tax code and has replaced for all purposes the old Tax Code plastic card. 

The Tax Code is an alphanumeric code with 16 characters. It is required for identification purposes when dealing with Public Administraion bodies. 

The Tax Code is required:

  • To register with and avail of the National Health System (SSN);
  • To be hired as an employee;
  • To start up one's own business;
  • To stipulate any legal contract (eg. rental, sales etc.);
  • To open a bank account.

and more...

Non-EU Foreign National

In the case of non-EU foreign nationals who come to Italy for employment reasons (self-employment or subordinate employment) or for family reunification and who have not indicated any tax code on the Nulla Osta application, the Immigration Help Desk will first of all apply for a temporary tax code to be issued through the Inland Revenue office

When applying for  residence permit, which the foreign national must do within 8 days of his/her arrival in Italy, the Immigration Help Desk will request the Inland Revenue to convert the temporary tax code or to "check" the the foreign national's tax code.  In all cases, the Help Desk then provides a tax code certificate to the citizen in question.

Non-EU Foreign Nationals already resident in Italy

Non-EU foreign nationals who are legally resident in Italy, who are still without a tax code, can apply personally or through a delegate, for one, at the local Inland Revenue Office.  He/she can also apply for a tax code for his/her dependents. 

Documents Required

  • valid residence permit
  • photocopy of valid passport​

If you are not in possession of a valid residence permit: 

  • certificate of identifcation issued by Consular Authority in country of origin

  • photocopy of valid passport


If the card is lost, stolen or damaged and illegible, it is possible to apply for a duplicate. The duplicate health card can be applied for at the local Asl office or at the local Inland Revenue office. If the duplicate copy does not arrive, you should go to the Inland Revenue office to check that they have the correct address. 

Change of Personal Information

If you change your name or surname, you can apply to make the change to your tax code at any Inland Revenue office with the updated Identity Document and a copy of the deed that officially and definitively confirms the said change. 

Incorrect Information

Anyone who receives a tax code that has been issued with incorrect personal information, can use the code, but must request for the code to be updated and ask for a replacement tax certificate and replacement health card. 

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