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Family Cohesion

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Family Cohesion

What is it?

Family cohesion is a type of family reunification except that the foreign national can apply for it directly in Italy, without having to apply for an authorsation or relative visa at the relevant Immigration Help Desk. It can only be requested if the family member to be reunited is already legally resident on Italian territory under another catetory. 

Family members with whom it is possible to apply for family cohesion

Eligible family members are the same as those for family reunification:

  • a spouse, not legally separated, and not under the age of 18 years;
  • minor children (including those of the spouse or those born outside of marriage) of unmarried parents or legally separated parents, on the condition that the other parent has given consent;
  • children over the age of 18 who are unable to support themselves due to health reasons resulting in complete invalidity;
  • dependent parents who do not have children in the country of origin or parents over the age of 65 who have children in the country of origin who are unable to support them for documented serious health reasons.

For the purposes of reunification, children under the age of 18 years at the time of application are considered to be minors. Adopted or fostered minors of minors under guardianship, are considered children.

What is required in order to apply for Family Cohesion

To apply for family cohesion it is necessary to have a family member (from those listed above) who is legally resident in Italy (for reasons such as tourism, medical care, assitance to minors...)

Legislation foresees that it is possible to excercise the right to apply within 12 months from the expiry of legal residency on national territory (expiry date of tourism visa, permit for medical care...)

The other requirements that the family member who is already legally resident in Italy must meet, are the same as those for family reunification (sufficient income to maintain all the family and suitable accommodation). These must be submitted directly to the Police headquarters (Questura). 

It is also necessary to demonstrate certificates regarding the family connection (birth certificate, wedding deeds or other deeds relating to the family status). Certificates must be translated and approved in accordance with agreements with the country of origin. 

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