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Applications - Online Status Checks

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Applications - Online Status Checks

Residence permit – online consultation

State Police have set up an information channel dedicated to permits that is available for consultation directly on the official website.
The foreign national citizen who is waiting for his/her residence permit to be issued, renewed or duplicated can check the status online, by going to the State Police website which provides access to a specific information database.

The service is available in several languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

To check the status of a residence permit, simply enter the application's numeric code (issued when the application is submitted either in the Questura (State Police) or through the registered process in the Post Office in the space indicated.

After briefly searching through the contents of the database, the system will provide the conclusive result of the search: the permit is ready, or not ready. Furthermore, the system informs the applicant in which office he/she can collect the permit, by opening a geographical map of the entire national territory.

Flows decree, family reunification, conversions, emergence from irregular work.

Persons who participated in the entrance quotas in order to hire a foreign national worker, or to convert a residence permit, can check the status of the application online, by using the Ministry for the Interior's website.

Simply go to the Ministry for the Interior website, insert your email address and password that you used when you submitted the application, and click on proceed (accedi).

The website will then show the application's identification code, which is visible on the receipt, and a summary of the current status of the application.

The above procedure is valid only for persons who submitted the application from their own computer and who therefore have an email address and a personal password. For persons who submitted the application through an institution, association or employment centre, should instead return to these offices to check the status of their application

Checking application status on P.A.eS.I.

On the website P.A.eS.I. there is a new section called “Check Application Status” on the home page.

From this page it is possible to connect to:

1) The Ministry for the Interior's website in order to check the status of the following types of applications:

  • work authorisations (nulla osta) for non-EU citizens
  • declaration to convert undeclared work to declared work, in the area of providing family assistance and support ex L 109/09;
  • application for family reunification;
  • application to convert residence permit.

2) The State Police website is where one can check the status of:

  • residence permit issuance, renewal or duplication.

3) The Ministry for the Interior call centre can provide information relating to applications for citizenship.

Citizenship: application online status checks

Foreign national citizens, who have submitted an application for citizenship, can check at what stage their application is at, on any computer.

To check the application status:

  • go to the following website: and click on the “Citizenship” (Cittadinanza) link.
  • click on “check your application(consulta la tua pratica) link
  • to register, enter your personal details and your email address
  • insert the designated code for your citizenship application (K10 e K10C) to access the relevant information

Naturally, using the designated code, you can only access information relating to your own application.


Checking Applications for Suitable Housing - Prato Comune

Anyone who has applied for a suitable housing certificate at Prato Comune can check the status of the application by going to the following website:

You must have to hand the tax code of the person who signed the application and the dedicated protocol number.

Integration agreement

From the website of the Ministry of the Interior it is possible to view the status of the signed integration agreement, modify the contact details, communicate the details of the family unit. You need to register on the site.


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