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From 2007, legislation completely changed the way in which one can apply for a residence permit. In many cases now, one goes to the Post Office and not to the Police Station. 

Certain documents have changed as well.  For example, if today we speak about the "Residence Card" we are referring to the document for family members of EU Citizens.  The old "Residence Card" is now called the "EU Long Term Residence Permit". 

In accordance with modifications to legislation, with Law no. 94, dated July 15th 2009, certain requirements for obtaining documents have been changed. 

Important: residence documents must always be presented at all Public Administration offices when applying for licenses, authorisations, registration etc.

Legislation states that it is not necessary to possess a valid residence permit to have access to health services, compulsory education and likewise for the declaration of a birth, recognition of parentage (birth registration, civil status)

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