Integration Agreement for Foreign Nationals applying for residency

Integration Agreement for Foreign Nationals applying for residency

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Integration Agreement for Foreign Nationals applying for residency

All non-EU foreign national citizens aged between 16 and 65 years who apply for a residence permit, with a duration of at least one year must sign the  Integration Agreement (with a duration of 2 years) with the Italian State,  at the Immigration Services Office or at the Questura (Police Headquarters), based on the type of residence permit requested. 

By signing the Agreement, translated into 19 languages  (Albanian, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Mandarin French, Hindi, Urdu, English, Sinhala, Russian, Spanish, Filipino Tagalog, Wolof, Yoruba, Tigrinya, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, African Pidgin), the foreign national and the Italian state take on various commitments. 

Responsibilities of the Foreign National

  • acquire a level of spoken Italian that is at least the equivalent of (level A2)
  • acquire an acceptable level of knowledge of the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Republic
  • acquire an acceptable level of knowledge of of the organisation and workings of public institutions and civil life in Italy, with particular attention on areas concerning health, schooling, social services, emplyoyment and tax obligations;
  • guarantee his/her children attend the obligatory school years; 
  • meet all tax obligations and contributions;
  • respect the principles outlined in the Report on the values of citizenship and integration, as per the Ministry for the Interior decree dated 23/04/2007.

Responsibilities of the State

  • sustain the foreign national's integration process with taking initiatives in accordance with the Region and local bodies;
  • guarantee that he/she enjoys the fundamental rights and social equality with no distinction on gender, race, language, religion, political beliefs, personal and social conditions, thus preventing all displays of racism and discrimination;
  • facilitate access to information that helps foreign national citizens to understand the principles contained in the Italian Constitution and the Organisation of the State;
  • guarantee control  and respect for the legislation that protects the worker; 
  • guarantee full access to services relating to healthcare and education.

The Credit System

Respect for the Agreement is measured in credits. Upon signing the agreement, an appointment is made for the applicant to participate in an Information Session on civil life in Italy. This will happen within 90 days and allows the applicant to have 16 credits. If the foreign national does not attend this session, he/she will lose 15 credits. 

Credits can be assigned by attending Italian language courses, civil culture courses and activities such as: educational courses or professional training, with the achievment of an educational qualification, choosing a G.P., signing a rental contract for accommodation, buying a house, volunteer work. 

Credits can be lost  for the conviction of any crime, even if not definitive, or serious unlawful fraud, which means the imposition of a financial penalty not less than €10.000.

The assessment of credits is carried out by the Immigration Help Desk (SUI) at the Prefecture. Two years after signing the agreement, the SUI examines the documentation which the foreign national citizen must retain and update. If the foreign national does not have this documentation, he/she must sit an Italian language and civic culture test, which is carried out by the Helpdesk. If the final number of credits is equal to, or less than zero, the dissolution of the agreement is ratified, through action taken by the Magistrates. This can result in nullification or refusal to renew the residency permit and the deportation of the foreign national from Italian territory. 

Who is not obliged to sign the Integration Agreement?

The following foreign nationals are not obliged to sign the Agreement: 

  • persons applying for a residence permit with a duration of less than one year; 
  • persons who are disabled or who have a serious handicap that limits their autonomy and prevents them from being able to learn the Italian language or about Italian culture; 
  • persons who have been victims of trafficking, violence or serious exploitation (The Agreement is substituted by a different programme for social protection)
  • persons who have an educational qualification that exempts them from signing the Agreement. The list of qualifications is available on the Ministry for Education, University and Research Circular, dated 17.03.2015.



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Fonte allegato: Ministry for the Interior
Fonte allegato: Ministry for the Interior
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