Entrance to Italy for Subordinate Employment

Subordinate Employment

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Entrance to Italy for Subordinate Employment

An employer who wishes to hire an non-EU foreign national who is resident abroad must submit an application for a work authorisation (nulla osta) to the Immigration Helpdesk (SUI)

The application for a nulla osta will be accepted based on the restrictions of the Immigration Quota, which establishes the maximum number of foreign nationals to be allowed to work in Italy every year. 

What does an employer need to do in order to hire a worker?

The employer must submit the following documents to the Immigration HelpDesk (SUI) in his/her province of residence or where his/her business operation is located, or where the work will be carried out. An application for authorisation for work must contain: 

  1. documents that prove the availability of accommodation for the worker;
  2. proposed residence contract containing details relating to the payment of the return journey for the foreign national citizen to return to his/her country of origin;
  3. declaration committing to communicate any variation in the working relationship (termination of contract, change of work office address...)

The Immigration Help Desk, having verified that all requirements are met, proceeds to issue and transmit the entry authorisation (nulla osta) to the relevant Diplomatic/Consolate Authority.

What does the worker need to do?

The foreign national worker, upon receipt of the nulla osta from the employer, must go to the Italian Consolate in his/her country of origin or residence, to apply for an entrance visa .

Within 8 days of his/her arrival in Italy, the foreign national must go to the Immigration Help Desk (SUI) to sign a residence contract and to complete the paperwork to apply for a residence permit.

Where to go

Sportello Unico per l'Immigrazione (SUI) / Prefecture Immigration Helpdesk SUI
Via dell'Accademia
, 32
 (centro storico)
 - 59100
Phone numbers: 0574 430234
Fax0574 430222
PEC immigrazione.prefpo@pec.interno.it
Office hours: To make an appointment: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 0900-1200

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