How to get an identity card

How to get an identity card

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How to get an identity card

For first Identity Cards or damaged, lost and stolen Identity Cards, citizens can apply for an Electronic Identity Card (CIE) instead of a Paper Identity Card at their local Comune offices.

What is an Identity Card?

An Identity Card is a personal recognition document that is valid in Italy.

Foreign Nationals and stateless persons who are resident in Italy can apply for an Identity Card by going to the Registry Office in the Comune where they are resident.

What documents are required?

The necessary documents are:

  • 1 recent passport photograph;
  • a valid passport;
  • a valid residence permit.

Minors must present themselves at the Registry Office with the necessary paperwork, in the presence of a parent in possession of a valid form of identification and residence permit.

Loss or Theft

The Foreign National must go to the Registry Office with:

  • statement made with the Carabinieri (Italian Police) or at the Questura (Police Headquarters);
  • 1 recent passport photograph;
  • a valid residence permit.

How long is the Identity Card valid?

In general, the identity card is valid for a period of 10 years and can be renewed. The application for renewal can be made in the 180 days prior to the expiry date.

It is necesssary to know that the identity card:

  • has the same duration as the residence permit;
  • is not valid abroad both for EU and non-EU citizens. It serves exclusively as an identification document;
  • does not authorise the holder to remain in Italy without a residence permit or with an expired residence permit.
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