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Website Suggestions

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Website Suggestions and Recommendations

Do you have an idea for a new section on the Pratomigranti Website?
Have you found an error on one of the pages?
Have you not found the information you were looking for?

Write to the Pratomigranti editorial staff via email or through the online forms listed below. The editorial staff will make sure to reply as soon as possible to your request and in response to your suggestions. 

Every suggestion will help us improve the website.  Thank you for your co-operation!

Send us an email

Email address:

Highlight a problem or ask us a question

Bring mistakes, doubts or any eventual in-depth clarification on the topics covered to the attention of the editorial staff. 

Highlight any issues with website accessibility

Report any issues relating to navigation, comprehension or simply express your opinion on how user-friendly the website is. 

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