Support for Minors

Support for Minors

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Support for Minors

Integration in housing facilities for minors

Social services can intervene to protect minors who find themselves in dangerous situations or who do not receive an adequate level of care and education in their family unit.
Minors in difficulty are housed in care centres and are chosen by social services based on their age and problems (semi-residential centres).

Temporary care for lone minors

Foreign national minors who find themselves in the Prato district (without a family) are cared for in centres allocated by the social services, for a maximum of 90 days.
In this time, social workers try to trace family members, in Italy and in their country of origin. If within 90 days no family member has been traced, the minors are transferred to other care centres according to a personalised programme.

Rapid and temporary care for minors

This is geared towards minors who find themselves in grave danger or who suffer moral and material neglect and thus require removal from the family unit.

Rapid and temporary care is an emergency intervention for a period of 15 days during which time the social services ascertain a more stable solution for the minor.

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Servizi sociali e sanità / Health and Social Services
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