Italian courses

Italian courses

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Italian courses

Highlight: due to the COVID emergency, many Italian language courses are taking place online. Here are the starting courses:

Furthermore, those wishing to attend other individual or group online Italian language courses can directly contact one of the schools and associations that organize specific courses listed at the bottom of the page.

The linguistic levels

The Common European Framework of Reference for Knowledge of Languages ​​(QCER) indicates which are the six levels of linguistic competence of Italian as well as of other languages ​​recognized throughout Europe:

  • Level A1 - basic
  • Level A2 - elementary
  • Level B1 - intermediate or "threshold"
  • Level B2 - upper intermediate
  • Level C1 - advanced or "autonomous efficiency"
  • Level C2 - command of the language in complex situations

To obtain the CE Permit for long-term residents, knowledge of the A2 level Italian language is required.

To obtain Italian citizenship, knowledge of the Italian language at level B1 is required.

For more information you can contact the Social and Immigration Service of the Municipality of Prato by calling 05741835420 or at the Meeting Point at the ASSOCIAZIONE CIELI APERTI on 0574 607226.

Italian L2 certifications

To obtain an Italian certification as L2 officially recognized at international level, you must take an exam at one of the four bodies recognized by the Ministry of the Interior and Education (or at a school with which they have an agreement) which are:

Study Italian in Prato

In Prato there are four schools affiliated with the Universities for Foreigners recognized by the Ministry listed above where it is possible to obtain the release of Italian language L2 certifications:

  • Provincial Center for Adult Education C. P. I. A. of Prato - - Via S. Silvestro, 11 - 0574448250 - 448258 - 057434752 - accredited for CILS certification
  • Associazione Cieli Aperti ONLUS - - Via Marengo, 51- 3898475801 - 0574607226 -  - accredited for CILS certification
  • La Bottega delle Lingue workshop -  - Via Rinaldesca 22 - 05741826725 - 3200664586 - - accredited for CELI certification
  • IIEMC Città Proibita - - Via Galcianese 91-93 -  -  -  - 3388521207 - accredited for PLIDA and CELI certification


In addition to these four schools, in Prato you can attend simple courses of Italian language and general culture at:

Popolare University of Prato -  - Via Giuseppe Mazzoni, 16 - 057430427
Pane e Rose social cooperative onlus -  - Viale Vittorio Veneto, 9 - 0574611501 -
Alice Cooperativa Sociale Onlus -  - Via Pistoiese, 245 - 0574 433102
Arci Prato -  - Via Roma 276 - 0574546130 - 0574635298
Associatione  Voluntariato Vincenziano -  - Piazza Mercatale 149 - 057425052 - 3495333111
AideaToscana - Via Coderino 7 - 3453239424 -

Associations or schools that organize Italian courses and that are not present in this list can write an email to indicating their contacts and their training offer and will be inserted on this web page.



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