TARI (Refuse Charges)

TARI - Refuse Charges

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TARI (Refuse Charges)

Refuse charges are to be be paid by anyone who occupies public or open spaces, in any way, that are located in the district. 

Alia, is the leadership that manages the service of the urban and hazardaous garbage, street cleaning and care for nature in which we live. It belongs to the the authority of competence of ATO Toscana Centro (Prato and district are part of). Tari, the garbage tax, is the tax citizens have to pay  to benefit from these services.

If you have or occupy an area to whatever employment (home, office, enterprise, studio),  you must follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for TARI garbage tax
    For the enrollment you can send by email all documents that can be donwloaded from the website www.aliaspa.it  or going to the Alia’s TARI office with an identity document.
  2. Pay TARI garbage tax
    Every year you will receive two letters that include payment communication (invoices), the down payment within 30th of April and the final payment within 31 october that you can pay at the Post office or at the tabacconists that join to T-serve chain.

If you have already registered on www.aliaspa.it (Step 1) and you haven’t received the payment communication from Alia (step 2) it means that it has been a problem with the delivery of your payment notification.

Have you written, in a readable way, the names of the inhabitants of your home on your doorbell and on your mail box?​
Have you written, in a readable way, the name of your company on your doorbell and on your mail box?
If you didn’t do it well, it may be the reason why Alia’s payment notice missed.

If you haven’t received the Alia’s payment notice it doesn’t mean that you haven’t to pay, on the contrary you have to ask a copy of it following these steps below:

  • Go to Tari Alia’s office, Via Paronese 104/110​
  • Send an email to tariffa.info3@aliaspa.it, in the title of the e-mail write “richiesta copia fatture non pagate”. Then write address, name, user code, tax code (or salex tax) of the account holder of the rate so you can pay in time what is indicated in the payment notice.

If you don’t pay Tari’s payment notice in time, you must pay the debt collected which includes the tax amount, interests (in finance is the price of a loan) and the penalty.

Note! It is necessary to communicate as soon as possible to the information Alia’s Tari help desk the following variations:

  • if you move house
  • If the number of the inhabitants of your house is changed
  • If you start a new company
  • If you close a company
  • If you move your company to another town


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