Living in a Condominium

Living in a Condominium

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Living in a Condominium

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Preview of The Condominium Regulations for Peaceful Coexistence GuidebookLiving in a condomium means respecting a range of regulations, obligations and shared costs. Very often, lack of knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of persons living in a condominium space, as well as the rights and powers of the building manager, can result in serious conflicts that end in legal battle. 


◄ Download and print the Condominium Regulations for Peaceful Coexistence Guidebook (.pdf 3664 kb)



The following are some of the basic rules that are present in condominium agreements between neighbours. These should be respected in order to ensure a peaceful shared living space:


Noise and Disorderly Conduct iconNoise and Disorderly Conduct:  it is prohibited to disturb neighbours with disorderly conduct and disquiet from noisy home appliances, stereos, tv and radio at high volumes, and any other noises audible by neighbours, specifically during the rest periods from 22:00-09:00 and 14:00-16:00.

Hanging out laundry iconHanging out laundry: it is prohibited to hang laundry from the balcony and windows that face onto the street, unless the condominium agreement so permits. In any case, it is forbidden to hang out dripping laundry. This is permitted only in the confines of one's own balcony or from windows facing onto the internal courtyard of the building.


Throwing rubbish iconThrowing rubbish: it is absolutely forbidden to throw rubbish or other objects out of the windows or from balconies.

Occupation of communal spaces iconOccupation of communal spaces: it is prohibited to occupy shared spaces (stairwells, communal terraces, gardens etc...) with objects such as bicycles, push-chairs, large objects etc...

Water from the window iconWater from the window: it is prohibited to throw water out the windows or from the balconies.  One cannot allow water from terrace or window plants to drip. 

Shaking out rugs, cloths, doormats iconShaking out rugs, cloths, doormats: one cannot shake out rugs, cloths or door mats in the interior stairwell, in any shared area or from the windows facing onto the street. It is permitted only in pre-defined times as specified in the condominium agreement. 

Child supervision and safety iconChild supervision and safety: parents must supervise their own children so that they do not cause any damage or disturb the neighbours with games or noise, especially during the rest periods. 

Communal area lighting iconCommunal area lighting: it is prohibited to leave the lights turned on in the basement and in other communal areas. 

Dangerous or Harmful substances iconDangerous or Harmful substances: it is prohibited to use one's home or any communal area as a deposit for substances considered to be dangerous or that emit unpleasant or harmful fumes.

Objects and material in the drains iconObjects and material in the drains: it is prohibited to throw objects down the drain (toilet, kitchen etc...) that could block up the pipework (nappies, sanitary towels, sponges, cotton and oil). 

Good Neighbour Rules iconGood Neighbour Rules: all condominium occupants must observe the communal regulations for good neighbourly conduct with reciprocal respect and tollerance, avoiding any circumstance that results in disturbance to others or in damage to the property. 

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