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Knowing how to evaluate, what to select and how to recognise all aspects relating to the buying and selling of properties, as well as being familiar with the various phases when purchasing a house, is essential information to have when deciding to buy a home. Make sure the property is valid, in other words check the construction details. Is it new? Has it been built in the norm? Then get the property valued. Finally, proceed with purchase. 

A house can be rented by drawing up a contract with the property owner.
The rental contract can be one of many types and it must be registered with the Inland Revenue. Furthermore, it is possible to apply, on a yearly basis, to the Comune who assign financial subsidies for rent allowance.

A Suitability of Accommodation statement is required for foreign nationals who wish to demonstrate that they have accommodation that meets the minimum requirements in order to accommodate guests or family members. It is one of the documents required when applying for family reunification. 

How to draw up a rental contract? What could be reasons for eviction? What bills need to be paid? Who to ask for information and help?

These are just some of the questions that we try to answer in this part of the site... 

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