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In Italy, all Italian citizens are entitled to vote. They must be registered in the local registry office as a member of the local community or as an Italian citizen resident abroad (AIRE) registered on the electoral list in an Italian Comune. 


  • to be an Italian citizen;
  • to be over the age of 18; 
  • to not have any pending cases that render you "incapabable of voting" (e.g. Having committed a crime)
  • to be resident in the Comune where one goes to vote

EU Citizen Votes

All EU Citizens are entitled to vote and to be a candidate in European Parliament elections and for elections for the Mayor and Town Council, in the Comune where they are resident (candiature is accepted only for town council roles). 

To participate in elections one must request to be registered on the electoral list. 

With regards to the European elections, EU citizens must also declare to not being a candidate in another Member State and to vote only once. 

Voting for Italian citizens resident abroad. 

Italian citizens resident abroad who are over the age of 18 and are registered on AIRE and on the electoral list, can exercise their right to vote in political and european elections, with different procedures depending on the type of election. 

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