The birth of a child

The birth of a child

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The birth of a child

When a child is born, his/her parents must declare the birth at one of the following: 

  • Administrative Reception Office at the hospital where the baby was born, within 3 days of the birth;
  • Civil Status office at the Comune (town hall) in the place of residence, within 10 days of the birth;

The parents must present the following documents: 

  • birth certificate issued by the hospital
  • a valid form of identification for the parent making the declaration (if the parents are not married, then both parents must present their valid forms of identification).

The notification of birth is a certificate that is issued to the parent immediately when the declaration is made. 

Newborn children of non-EU citizens who are not legally resident will be issued with an STP (Card for Foreign Nationals who are Temporarily Present) for the purposes of accessing health-care. 


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