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Foreign nationals who wish to enter the working community in a positive manner must be familiar with their rights and responsibities, gain experience, develop their skills, as well as integrating into society. 

The Employment Centre offers a service to the public that is free of charge. Its objective is to support both people during their search for a job and businesses in their search for an employee. 

It informs workers about employment offers in the public and private sector,  work placements, training courses and offers an orientation service which helps people choose the right job. 

Workers' Rights

To guarantee the fundamental priniciple of equal treatment between foreign national workers and Italian workers, the same social security and assistance is guaranteed to all, with the exclusion of specific exceptions foreseen by the law.

Non-EU and EU citizen workers must be treated the same as Italian workers with regards to: 

  • working conditions, in particular in relation to salary, termination, professional re-integration, health and safety in the workplace, income support services;
  • benefits that are not directly linked to the job, such as social and fiscal benefits, including professional training, rent allowance, family social services;
  • union rights (enrolment with a union, participation at union meetings) and staff representative rights within the business.
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