Refuse and Recyling

Refuse and Recyling

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Refuse and Recyling

The planet's resources are not infinite and to use them in a wasteful manner only accelorates their depletion. When we harm the environment, we are in fact harming ourselves. 

How to respect the environment and the local area. 

Respect for the environment and for the area in which we live starts with simply following the rules relating to the management of refuse that we all generate: 

  • reduce waste, only buy what you really need; 
  • avoid using disposable products (e.g. plastic plates and cups, paper napkins and tablecloths, etc)
  • use refillable detergents; 
  • before throwing away a broken appliance, see if it can be repaired; 
  • use cloth bags for shopping; 
  • drink tap water; 


It is fundamental that every citizen undertakes to recycle the refuse he/she generates. 
The individual recycling action taken by each of us is very important: separating waste and dividing in correctly,  we can salvage useful materials for the production of new objects that we use every day, thus contributing to the safe-guarding of the environment and avoiding senseless waste. 
With combined collaboration and participation on a daily basis in the recycling programme, we can salvage resources and contribute towards the environmental protection of our city. 

How to recycle

Recycling can be done in many ways:  by using door to door collection or the multi-coloured and shaped street dumpsters. The shape and the colour of the different dumpsters can vary slightly from one area to the next. For this reason it is very important to always check the instructions written on the dumpster itself or on the door to door refuse collection kit (bags or designated baskets).

Paper and Cardboard        Trash dumpster Paper and Cardboard bag paper and cardboard

Glass                                trash dumpster glass

Plastic and cans                trash dumpster plastic and cans bag plastic and cans

Organic waste                  trash dumpster organic basket organic waste

General waste                    trash dumpster general waste

Special Cases 

  • Cooking oil must not be disposed of down the kitchen sink or into a train. It is to be recycled in a container that can be deposited at a collection point in your local area. 
  • Batteries are to be disposed of at locations where such items are sold or at facilities that offer a free collection service; 
  • Medication must be disposed of in the designated containers situated in your local area or at facilities (for example, pharmacies or health clinics) that offer a free collection service; 
  • Bulky refuse and pruning refuse are not to be deposited next to dumpsters.  Collection of such waste is avaiable through an appointment service. 

Dirty paper, receipts and used tissues are not to be disposed of in the paper bin because they diminish the quality of the recycled product. Toys, small domestic appliances and stationery items are not to be disposed of in the multi-material bin. 

Useful Recycling Tips

  • Separate and divide packaging based on the material it is made of (steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic, glass...);
  • Reduce the volume of the container (squash tins and plastic bottles, compress paper and cardboard...); 
  • Remove left-over food from packaging before disposing of the packaging; 
  • Always check the icons displayed on the package to be sure that they can be recycled. 

Where to go

Alia (environmental services) - Head Office
Via Paronese
, 104
 - 59100
Toll free: 800 007081 (open from 8:30 to 17:30)
Switchboard: 0574 7081 (open from 8:30 to 17:30)
Phone numbersPer informazioni, segnalazioni e ritiro ingombranti (da lunedì a venerdì ore 8.30 - 19.30 e sabato ore 8.30 - 14.30): 800 888333 (da rete fissa) 199 105105 (da rete mobile) 0571 1969333
Fax0574 708273
Office hours: Monday to Friday 0830-1800
Office: Monday and Friday 0830-1230 and 1430-1630
Payments: Monday and Friday 0900-1230
Private Refuse: Monday and Friday 1400-1800
Bulky waste and pruning waste: from Monday to Friday 0730-1930

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