Coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Health Care

Coronavirus emergency


Guidelines ​that must be strictly followed:

  1. Wash you hands with alcohol gel or with water and soap as often as possibl. Don’t touch your eyes, your nose and your mouth with your hands. Even if you think that your hands are clean, wash them with alcohol gel (30 seconds) or with water and soap (60 seconds) as often as possible.
  2. Clean up the surfaces with disinfectant solutions based on chlorine or alcohol. You must guarantee an adequate and regular ventilation of rooms.
  3. Every time that you caugh or you sneeze, you must cover your nose and your mouth with an handkerchief or with your hands or with the hollow of the elbow.
  4. Don’t take antiviral medicines or antibiotics, unless the doctor gives you them.
  5. You must avoid close contact with people who suffers from acute respiratory infection, keeping the distance of one meter as much as possible and you must reduce the visits to hospitalized relatives and friends as far as possible.
  6. You must use the surgical mask only if you think that you are sick or if you assist people infected.
  7. If you have a fever, sniffle or caugh you mustn’t go to emergency room, to hospital or to outpatient facility, you must contact your doctor.
  8. If you had close contact with people infected with Covid-19 virus or if you are back for less than 14 days from the epidemic-risk areas you must contact these telephone numbers provide for you by the healthcare companies:
    • 055 54 54 777 > Asl Toscana Centro
    • 050 95 44 44 > Asl Toscana Nord Ovest
    • 800 57 95 79 > Asl Toscana Sud Est
  9. If you have a fever or respiratory signs you must postpone the outpatients appointments and in accordance with your doctor you can later reprogram it.
  10. The pets don’t spread the Coronavirus. After the contact with pets is always good practice to proceed with hand washing.


Since the start of the Coronavirus emergency, the Municipality of Prato is in close contact with Regione Toscana and the Health Authority ASL Toscana Centro to improve the adoption of the necessary measures as established by national and regional health authorities.

For this reason, ASL has been monitoring 141 families -about 1300 people- travelling back from China. This is possible thanks to the so-called "active monitoring", consisting of permanent monitoring by the health authority of the potentially exposed individual's health conditions both on the phone and in person.
Moreover, many individuals of the Chinese community returning from China have spontaneously decided to self-isolate at home.

  • CALL 118 on the phone in cases of SEVERE SYMPTOMS.
  • CALL 055/5454777 on the phone if they experience MILD SYMPTOMS. Italian and Chinese speakers will answer your call.


118 To inform about severe symptoms

055/5454777 To inform about mild symptoms or if you have travelled back from China

800556060 Hotline of Regione Toscana

1500 Hotline of Ministry of Health

112 Emergency Number

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