Choosing a Family Doctor and a Children's Pediatrician

Choosing a Family Doctor and a Children's Pediatrician

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Choosing a Family Doctor and a Children's Pediatrician

The general practitioner (G.P. / Family Doctor) and the pediatrician (for children aged between 0 and 14 years) guarantees clinic and home consultations, prescribes medication and referrals (binding) for specialist consultations and tests. 
During visiting hours the patient is free to speak with his/her doctor in the knowledge that visitors will not share any information.  
The doctor is obliged to observe absolute confidentiality in relation to anything he/she might hear, see or discover about the patient and his/her family. 
The patient has the fundamental right to be informed on his state of health. 

The choice of doctor is to be made when one registers in the National Health System (SSN). You can change your G.P. or pediatrician at any time. 

Every G.P. or Pediatrician has a clinic where he/she offers general consultations free of charge on fixed days at at fixed times.

When deemed necessary, the G.P. or the Pediatrician will make a home visit. Home visits are carried out when the health conditions of the patient are such that they do not allow for him/her to be brought to the clinic.

When it is not possible to contact your G.P. or Pediatrician (at night or on holidays) there is an out-of-hours medical care service available free of charge.

EU Citizens: documents to present 

  1. proof of enrolment in the registry office records issued by the Comune
  2. employment contract certifying the nature and duration of employment (if the citizen is an employee);
  3. certification of registration with the Chamber of Commerce or Professional Register, VAT Number certification, Social Security Services (INPS) registration (if the citizen is self-employed)
  4. if a family member, a translated marriage certificate or birth certificate for children
  5. certification of enrolment in the registry office records issued by the Comune of a dependent family member (if he/she is dependent on an Italian citizen)
  6. Registration with the Employment Centre or on a Professional training course (if unemployed unvoluntarily)

Non-EU Citizens: documents to present 

Non-EU citizens who are legally resident in Italy for reasons of employment or family reunification must present: 

a. a photocopy of a valid residence permit


b. post office receipt proving application for a residence permit 


Temporary Medical Care (Family Doctor for non-residents)

Citizens who are living in a city that is different to where they have residency are entitled to choose a family doctor in the area where they live. 

For temporary medical care, citizens must go to the local ASL Healthboard office and justify the reason for their stay which can be for study, work or health reasons. 

Temporary registration has a minimum duration of 3 months and a maximum duration of one year and it is renewable. 


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