How to Register with the National Health Service (SSN)

How to Register with the National Health Service (SSN)

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How to Register with the National Health Service (SSN)

The SSN (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) is comprised of facilities and services (hospitals, clinics etc) that provide health care and assistance to all, Italians and foreign nationals alike, without discrimination.

For foreign nationals, whether or not they are European citizens, registration with the SSN (National Health Service) guarantees total health care and the same standard of care given to Italian citizens. Upon registration one can choose a family doctor or a paediatrician for the children.

Foreign nationals workers who are waiting for residency can register with the National Health Service.

Registration for EU citizens

EU citizens who find themselves in Italy must have health insurance.  Recent legislation dictates that EU citizens and their family members must be financially independent. 
After having enrolled at the local registry office, EU citizens can register with the SSN (registration is voluntary).

Voluntary registration with the SSR (Regional Health Service) for EU citizens:

The European citizen who does not have a valid employment contract, nor is a family member of an EU citizen who is registered at the local registry office or, in any case somebody who does not have the requisites to compulsorily register with the SSR but, who have adequate financial resources (which must to be auto-certified) and is not under the care of any Foreign Institutions or enrolled in an education programme, can register with the SSR on a voluntary basis by paying a contribution as follows:

  • €149.77 for persons present for educational reasons
  • €219.49 for persons employed as au pairs
  • €387.34 for other cases (minimum quota of 7.5% of financial resources)

The contribution is valid for the calendar year. It is neither divisible nor retro-active.

Citizens of the EU, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation, who find themselves destitute and who do not have the requirements to register with the National Health Service (SSN) can apply for an ENI card

Registration of non-EU citizens with residence permits.

Citizens from countries outside the European Union can register with the National Health Service (SSN) and enjoy the same rights as those provided to Italian citizens. Foreign nationals are issued with a health card when they register. This card allows the holder access to all services.

Registration with the SSN has the same duration as the residence permit. In order to renew registration with the SSN an application for residency renewal must be presented to the health board (Azienda USL 4).

Documents to be presented:

  • photocopy of a valid residence permit;
  • substitute declaration for residency and family status;
  • tax code

Foreign citizens who are not registered with the SSN and who hold a residence permit for educational or religious purposes or who are employed as an au pair can:

  • voluntarily register at the SSN for themselves and for any family members living with them;
  • insure themselves against illness, accident or maternity (the insurance policy must be valid in Italy, also for dependent family members).

Guaranteed services:

  • pregnancy and maternity care;
  • care for minors;
  • vaccines;
  • operations for international preventative care;
  • prevention, diagnosis and cure of infectious diseases.

Non-EU citizens who are not legally resident and who are destitute, are entitled to basic health care and can apply for an STP card. ​

Voluntary registration with the SSR of non-EU foreign nationals over the age of 65 years.

Since there has been no conclusive decision regarding the tariffs applicable to parents of non-EU citizens who have requested a residence permit for family reunification, since 5 November 2008, it it possible to register with the SSR by means of a lump sum payment (annual, non-divisible nor retro-active) of €387.34, or a balance of this, should new tariffs be established at a national level. This amount is the minimum quota on the grounds that the percentage is 7.5% of the person's perceived earnings in Italy or abroad.  If the foreign national in question has no direct income, reference is made instead to the income of the person upon whom he/she is dependent.

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