Paying for Medical Care

Paying for Medical Care

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Paying for Medical Care

The “ticket” is the cost, established by law, to be paid by the citizen as a participatory contribution to the health service.

The ticket must be paid for the following: specialist visits, diagnostic examinations, blood tests and medication

​The amount due is determined by the income bracket, that has ben identified by a database that is updated on an annual basis by the Inland Revenue Office and INPS (social security department). The figure is based on the income from the previous year (therefore, is is based on income from 2 years ago) and current ISEE documentation (Financial Status Statement). 

It is no longer possible to make a self-declaration relating to one's income bracket. The code for the income bracket will already be printed on the prescription. 

How to pay a ticket?

Payment options for health service tickets are as follows:

  • through the post office payment system;

  • at the “Punto Giallo” pay stations in hospitals and clinics;
  • at Tobacconists (Tabacchi) that have the T-SERVE payment set up.

Medication tickets are payable directly in the pharmacy.

The ticket is to be paid PRIOR to the requested consultation and must be presented upon arrival at the clinic. 

When to pay?

Here are some examples of when it is necessary to pay the ticket: 

general medical consultations in clinics and specialist medical consultations;
  2. admission to hospital;
  3. optional vaccinations;

  4. blood tests;

  5. x-rays;

  6. scans;

When not to pay?

There are some situations where it is not necessary to pay the ticket. Some examples: 

exemption due to illness; 

  2. exemption due to legal disability;
  3. exemption due to age or income;
  4. exemption due to unemployment, mobility, unemployment benefit;
  5. exemption due to civil service;
  6. during pregnancy: all tests and regular check ups as established by regional protocol. 

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