Anti-Covid-19 vaccine

Anti-Covid-19 vaccine

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Anti-Covid-19 vaccine

A conscious choice to promote health

Everyone can get sick from Covid 19, even seriously, and when we get sick, our colleagues, our children, grandchildren and relatives are at risk. The Covid 19 infectious disease can be prevented with the vaccine that helps us stay healthy and limit the transmission of the virus in the workplace, in the community and in the family. Getting vaccinated represents a correct lifestyle that allows us to protect our health and that of others. During a pandemic it is important to vaccinate as many people as possible to achieve "herd immunity" and to protect the most weak population who cannot get the vaccine.

Useful information on Covid19 vaccines

1 - They are safe and effective: before being authorized for use by the competent authorities they must pass all safety and efficacy tests, and even after authorization the safety of vaccines is continuously monitored.

2 - They do not contain active viruses for which vaccinated people are protected and cannot reppresent a danger to their family memberor for work colleagues

3 - They significantly reduce the probability of developing the disease, however no vaccine confers a level of protection of 100%, therefore it is very important to continue to use the protective measures: mask, hand washing, distance.

4 - They can protect for at least 9-12 months according to current knowledge.

5 - They usually produce mild side effects, arm pain, fever, tiredness, which usually resolve in a few days.

6 - They also fight mutations in the virus by causing an immune response to form against the Spike protein, which allows the virus to attach itself to cells and invade them.

Paracetamol should never be taken as a preventative before vaccination.

For more information, you can contact the  doctor of your company:


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