Obligatory and Recommended Vaccinations

Obligatory and Recommended Vaccinations

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Obligatory and Recommended Vaccinations

Meningococcal vaccine
To make an appointment, residents of Prato should contact the call center 0574 - 805990 from 8.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday.
Specific details on the vaccination campaign are available  here: Campaign Against Meningococcal C

Vaccines are the most effective way to protect ourselves against serious, and sometimes lethal, illnesses. Once vaccinated, a person will never contract that particular illness again for his/her entire life. Vaccines are a guaranteed right for all, even those who are not registered with the National Health Service (SSN).

The vaccine is a substance which serves to stimulate the body to produce a defence system against a specific infection. Vaccines are not only for children.

There are also useful and recommended vaccines for adults, for the elderly, for persons with particular illnesses, for travellers and for workers.

Obligatory Vaccines and Recommended Vaccines

In Italy, by law, some vaccines are obligatory and others are advised/recommended. 

  • Obligatory Vaccines: polio vaccine, tetanus vaccine, diptheria vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine
  • Recommended Vaccines: measles, rubella, mumps, meningitus, infections caused by the Haemophilus influenzae B or HIB, human papilloma virus (HPV)

Vaccinations for Children

Children are exposed to infectious diseases more frequently than adults. For this reason, from the first months of life, up to adolesence, they receive regular compulsory and/or recommended vaccinations.

Apart from the first vaccination, it is sometimes necessary to be called for a second vaccine, in other words, the administration of the vaccine should be repeated over time.

For more precise information on when vaccinations are to be carried out, consult the “vaccine calendar” or ask your pediatrician.

Vaccines are free of charge, apart from exceptions established by the Region of Tuscany. 

Vaccinations for Adults

Adults and the elderly are also advised to receive certain vaccines, such as the tetanus vaccine, or to be re-called for the diptheria, tetanus or whooping cough vaccine (every 10 years). A doctor, for specific illnesses, can suggest certain vaccines, to be carried out free of charge. For women who wish to have babies, the rubella, measles and chicken pox vaccines are recommended. The Influenza vaccine is suggested for anyone over the age of 64 years, as well as for anyone with a serious illness, medical staff and family members who are at high risk.

Vaccinations are free of charge, apart from exceptions established by the Region of Tuscany. 

Vaccinations for Travellers

Before travelling abroad, one must inform him/herself on the obligations, or lack thereof, to vaccinate him/herself against specific diseases or if it might be opportune to take preventative medication.

The timing of vaccinations varies from 2 months to 20 days prior to departure. 

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