Recognition of Educational Qualifications in Italy

Recognition of Educational Qualifications in Italy

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Recognition of Educational Qualifications in Italy

28.04.2016 - The agreement on the reciprocal recognition of University qualifications issued in the Italian Republic and the People's Republic of China comes into force. 

Italian citizens and foreign national citizens with an academic or professional qualification gained abroad can request for this to be recognised in Italy. Recognition of an academic qualification gained abroad is required in order to enrol in a degree course or a research doctorate or to participate in an open competitive exam. Likewise for professional qualifications.  For more information on the recognition of qualifications go to a relevant information centre in the country to where you wish to travel and study.  In Italy, the relevant office is CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equality).

How to apply for recognition of a qualification issued by a foreign University

Equivalence is a type of academic recognition that is based on the evaluation of a higher level educational qualification with the objective of verifying that it corresponds, on a detailed level, to a similar Italian university qualification.  Equivalence is issued by Italian universities that autonomously decide on a case by case basis.  

Applications must be submitted to the University Administration Office, who establish a similar course of study to the one carried out abroad, based on the following: 

a) direct application to the selected Italian University Dean; 
b) original high school certificate that allowed for admission to the University that issued the academic qualification; 
c) original analytical certificate of the university exams issued by the University (dates and locations of exams sat, including those sat outside the University that issued the qualification, must be listed); 
d) coursework for each individual exam; 
e) original of the academic qualification held; 
f) three photographs (one of which to be authenticated if the applicant is a non-EU citizen resident abroad)

The documents listed  in points b, c, d and e above are to be submitted with an offical translation.  The documents relating to points b and e are to be legalised
Italian citizens, EU citizens and non EU citizens who are legally resident in Italy, can personally submit the application to the Administration Office in the University in question before the deadline established by each individual institution.
Foreign national citizens resident abroad must submit the application, together with the required paperwork, to the Italian Diplomatic Representative in their country of residence before the deadline established on an annual basis by the Ministry for Education, University and Research (MUIR) for foreign student registration. 

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