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Web Policy

Website Quality and Accessibility

The Pratomigranti.it editorial team work to keep the website content updated and complete in a punctual manner and to respond as quickly as possible to all issues and emails that they receive from citizens within 5 days. 

Pratomigranti.it is designed in accordance with specific national legislation relating to website quality (“Legge Stanca” Law 4 of January 9th 2004). The website is developed using XHTML 1.0 e CSS conforming with the specifics of W3C. The technical development respects the guidelines laid down by W3C International Consortium and works to comply with the second level of accessibility (Double A) in accordance with WCAG 1.0. Several evaluation critera are subjective, therefore it is possible that in some cases, the interpretation will vary.


Personal information which the Pratomigranti.it editorial team becomes aware of through the website regard the voluntary insertion within the online forms created to allow users to contact the team. Information deriving from the online forms are used, in full respect of the law, solely for the purpose of replying to the citizen in question and for statistical reports. 

All other information is anonymous and is used exclusively to develop website usage statistics.

Cookies are not used in the website.


The structure of the website, both editorial and graphic, are protected by copyright. Text, images, mult-medial objects, settings, styles and codes are not reproducible; they remain the exclusive property of the production team and the authors.

To use any content, one must request permission from the Po-Net Central Editorial Team (email: rete.civica@po-net.prato.it) and from the Pratomigranti editorial team of (e-mail info@pratomigranti.it) who will reply, if possible, granting authorisation to the applicant. 

Last update: thursday 03 july 2014
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